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Hey, Steve Mellor here! 

Ever since the pandemic, people have been crying out for creative pursuits. 

 And, now things are opening up again, that craving hasn't gone away. We're even seeing people not returning to their jobs in order to start businesses doing the things they enjoy most... 

This means it is the perfect time to jump into the hobbies & interests or Craft & DIY niches. And, where better to start than with Leatherworking! 

Leather is a global industry worth over $260 billion in 2020 and has seen steady growth since 2016, with an industry value of $271 billion estimated for 2021 ( 

What's more, this is considered to be a highly searched niche according to Google Adwords & SEO guru Neil Patel...

The majority of people in the industry are artisans... Individual producers who make personal products to sell at craft fairs or online, people who are looking for content online. 

There are multiple ways you can monetize this niche, from selling actual leatherworking tools and materials to courses and even patterns for leather products. 

All of which have affiliate promotions available. The content in this package will help you break into and dominate this rapidly growing niche.

"This premium content is hands down some best produced, ready to profit from, content in a niche that has been quietly exploding online recently. It's rare I see PLR I'd be happy to just stick my name on and use, but this is!"

Andie Brocklehurst

How To Make Premium
Content Work For You!

The content treadmill is real... You need a constant supply of content for your readers & subscribers... 

But, making all of that content is a real pain... 

How long do you spend trying to write an article? 

How much money do you waste trying to find writers on Fiverr to do it for you (all whilst getting back shoddy quality articles you can't use)? 

And, for some, the simple thought of writing an article is terrifying. 

What happens if people don't like it? 

What if you get something wrong? 

So, you just give up and move on to something else.

You don't have the time to do all of this research. 

You don't have the time to write the content yourself & have a professional check it. 

You don't want to pay a fortune to freelancers to create your pages, source images and design graphics. You don't have the money to pay for...

20 hours Marketing Research - $400

30 hours Content Writing - $600

20 hours Editing - $600

20 hours Proof Reading - $400

That's 90 Hours at a cost of $2,000
BUT, There Is An Easier Way..

Let me do this for you... 

The market research is done.
 The content creation is done.
 The editing and proofreading are done. 

And, as an added bonus
You get beautifully designed PDF presentations
 To WOW your audience! 

Doesn't that seem like a lot less hassle? 

And, there's no waiting. This is available RIGHT NOW...

Introducing Premium Leatherworking Lite

In this pack of premium, Done-For-You content, you get five, brand new, quality articles, each at least 1,500 words long. 

To make using this content as simple as possible, you get the articles in plain text and as professionally designed PDFs that include a unique, deluxe layout full of beautiful images of the leatherworking process (all sourced from royalty-free repositories, to make sure they are safe for you to use).

Use them as-is or break them into smaller reports, articles or blog posts... Whatever you want!

Each piece is brand new which means fewer competitors to contend with.

You get full rights to use these content pieces however you wish.

Supplied in TXT format as well as beautifully designed PDFs

5 Premium Leatherworking Content Pieces

Each Piece With A Minimum of 1500 Words

Image Links Included For Each Article

"I must say I was very pleased when I read Steve's Premium Leatherworking PLR. I took special interest in the articles that covered the tips on improving your skills. As a physician, I appreciate information of this technical nature. It was also fun to learn all of the many items you can make using leatherworking, and all of these items can easily be sold. The articles are well written, informative, and thorough. As a PLR writer, I know what it takes to produce this kind of quality, and Steve has outdone himself. I highly recommend this

extremely valuable PLR pack. "

Loy Puckett MD- "Doctor Loy"

Here Is The Content You Get In The Pack

6 Tips for Making Better Cuts In Leather

From Animal To Workshop: How Leather Is Made

10 Simple Leather Projects For Beginner Leather Crafters

How to skive leather for your projects

Top Tips For Working With Thin Leather

PLUS This Incredible BONUS

A Beginner's Guide To Leatherworking

A Beginner's Guide To Leatherworking is a 3,000-word lead magnet, delivered as a TXT file, WordPress markup and a lovingly crafted PDF file with premium design in a style consistent with the rest of the pack. 

It's also included with PowerPoint and Word templates, so alterations can be made if you want to. 

The PDF is also included in two formats, Web and Print, so if you want to send this off to the printers & create a more premium product, you have everything you need right here.


The Leatherworking Logbook

A handy resource for your clients to help them plan their leatherworking projects.

I have worked very hard to provide you with a top-quality, high-value product and I want you to be 100% satisfied with the content you receive. 

What you will find in this pack is exactly what you expect. 

You are getting a massive collection of premium Done-For-you content with articles that are nearly 3 times the length of other packs. 

As well as this, you're getting a further 3,000 words in the beginner's guide, plus premium layouts for each piece in PDF format.

There's no hype or unrealistic promises. 

But, if you want to get into this highly profitable niche, this is the best way to start... 

Without the grunt work!
Without the hours of research
Without having to pay people a fortune to get you there...

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